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  • We are a family owned, 4 star, childcare center in business since 1988. Offering care for ages from 6 weeks to 13 years old

    Hiding knowledge in play and
    seeking fun in learning since 1988

  • When your children are here, they feel like they are at home.

    Over the past 30 years we have perfected mixing work with play to make your children excited to come back! School and childcare become easy when you see them as a home away from home.

Why Toddler Town?

With over 30 years of experience in child care, we give you peace of mind that your child will be provided opportunities for meaningful play experiences that are based on the child’s individual needs, interests, handicaps and abilities, and that will build important foundations for future academic pursuits.

This is a place full of laughter and joy, learning and love for each girl and boy. They come into Toddler Town greeted with smiles and praise. Taking nature walks and finger painting, is how they spend their days.
Where knowledge is king and playtime his queen, it takes a town to grow a child if you know what we mean. Our philosophy is simple and we think you’ll agree, the children come first just like A before B.
Our town is a family full of teachers and tots, that grow together and take naps on comfy blue cots. Now this rhyming may seem silly, but we promise you this, when your child leaves our town they'll be ready for K-6.
A home away from home is what we will be; bright, brilliant children is what you will see. You should take a trip into our town today, to see how we seek fun in learning and hide knowledge in play.


Meet our Heads of Staff

Ms. Sharlene


Ms. Eileen

Assistant Director

Ms. Stacey

Administrative Assistant

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We do our best day in and day out to give your children the best learning experience they will ever receive