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Why Choose Toddler Town?


As individual as the stars in the sky each child has their own special way of learning, our process begins simply with understanding the big person inside those little bodies. We value your child’s freedom to develop at their own pace and encourage them to find their own style of learning. Toddler Town is a family atmosphere supported by a facility and curriculum that prepares your child for their early years of school. Before our evaluation process begins our staff takes the time to earn a trusting relationship with your child that will allow for positive interaction and education.

Some children learn by touching, some by listening, and others by doing but every child learns through love. We want your child to be creative, curious and comfortable when they visit our town. Our annual special activities for both children and parents are designed to further provide us insight into how each child learns from his or her parents. It is paramount to our lesson planning that we stimulate the learning relationship that you have already developed with your child and continue that growth each day.

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The term Kindergarten Ready takes on a different meaning at each child care facility, but at Toddler Town it is a promise to prepare your child for a successful transition. A balanced program that maintains a focus on social development is key to readying each child for their first day.

Our promise to you as a parent is that we will prepare your child to be kindergarten ready. Our commitment to your child is to let him or her be exactly that, a child. Indoor & outdoor play, song & music time, and a diverse range of free exploration activities foster their natural curiosity.


We have built the Toddler Town curriculum based on a diverse range of sources of research and specialists in early childhood education.

Effective kindergarten preparation requires development in catagories listed by standards of the state of Kentucky including language arts, math, science, and social studies. As educators we are responsible for more than the final result, it is critical that we measure your childs progress throughout the year. Ongoing screenings allow us to customize lesson plans to develop a student with well balanced abilities in each area of development.

We utilize ASQ and BRIGANCE screening tools to determine where our students are at developmentally.


Toddler town utilizes an app specially designed for schools to improve communication with parents, while preserving the privacy and the safety of their children. Each teacher can individually address parents or relay information that all the parents of the children in her class need to know.

This app is designed so the teacher can either pass on information pertinent to all parents or address them individually. The parents in return can immediately response to the posting or do so later depending on the subject or the urgency of the matter.

The app also allows the director to address the entire center. This allows her to keep parents informed of any special events, changes in routines or policies and pass on informative information.

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Facts about us:

  1. - Family Owned and Operated since 1988
  2. - 4 Star Rating
  3. - Accepting ages from 6 weeks to 13 years old
  4. - Hours of operation: 6am - 6pm


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